How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent?

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9 Tips to a Successful Real Estate Agent [Infographic]

The Process of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

If you are considering a career in real estate, you may be wondering how long it takes to become a licensed real estate agent. The answer to this question is not straightforward, as the process of becoming a real estate agent varies from state to state. However, there are some general steps that are common to most states.

Educational Requirements

To become a real estate agent, you must first meet the educational requirements of your state. This usually involves completing a certain number of pre-licensing courses, which can be done online or in a classroom setting. The number of hours required varies by state, but is typically around 60 to 90 hours.

Licensing Exam

Once you have completed the required courses, you will need to pass a licensing exam. This exam covers topics such as real estate law, contracts, and financing. The exam is typically multiple-choice and can be taken at a testing center or online. The passing score and number of attempts allowed vary by state.

Background Check

Before you can become a licensed real estate agent, you will need to undergo a background check. This may include a criminal record check, credit check, and verification of your education and work history. Depending on the state, this process can take several weeks.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Process?

The time it takes to become a licensed real estate agent can vary from a few months to a year or more. The length of time depends on several factors, including the state you are in, the availability of pre-licensing courses and licensing exams, and how quickly you can complete the necessary steps.

Fastest Route

In some states, it is possible to complete the entire process in as little as a few months. For example, in California, you can complete the required courses in as little as three weeks, and the licensing exam can be taken within a week of completing the courses. If you pass the exam, you can apply for your license immediately.

Slower Route

In other states, the process may take much longer. For example, in New York, the pre-licensing courses are 75 hours and must be completed in a classroom setting. The licensing exam can only be taken after completing the courses, and the passing score is 70%. After passing the exam, you must submit an application and undergo a background check, which can take several weeks.


In conclusion, the time it takes to become a licensed real estate agent can vary greatly depending on the state and the individual. If you are highly motivated and have the time and resources to complete the necessary steps quickly, you may be able to become a licensed real estate agent in just a few months. However, if you have other obligations such as a full-time job or family responsibilities, it may take longer to complete the process. Regardless of how long it takes, becoming a licensed real estate agent can be a rewarding career choice that offers flexibility, independence, and the potential for high earnings.

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